Official Poster Brasil FurFest 2019


The stars of the poster will be:
– Weon
– Kurai
– Furgyn
– Ginmaru

The honorees will receive e-mails in the next few days to follow up the creation of the poster.
The great revelation of the art that will illustrate the official poster will be made on Furboliche 9 event, on March 9!

Brasil FurFest 2019 Official Poster

Art 1 – This regulation is about Brasil FurFest 2019 Official Poster Construction, being it staff returning thanks as a homage to Brasil FurFest 2019’s first encouragers.

Art 2 – For the purposes of this regulation, anyone eligible under Article 5 of the Brasil FurFest 2019 Regulation, as well as those who have “vouchers” for the basic registration granted by Brasil FurFest 2019 can participate paying the differential costs for super sponsor (through contact via e-mail [email protected]).

Sole paragraph: Except those who have a reward “voucher” (super sponsor tier – BFF Quest 2018) granted at Brasil Furfest 2018.

Art 3 – This regulation starts being valid at exactly 00 (midnight) of January 6, 2019, with registration on the official website of the event, ending at 23:59:59 on January 20, 2019, not damaging the continuity of the registrations until their end.

Sole paragraph: The attendee who doesn’t pay or doesn’t prove payment within 5 (five) business days following the registration, will have the registration and participation in the provisions of this regulation canceled, giving place to the next one in classification.

Art 4 – Just the 4 (four) first attendees, in chronological order of effective registration as super sponsors at Brasil FurFest website (at the end of the process on the website), will have their fursonas included in the official Brasil FurFest 2019 poster.

Sole paragraph: In no case the time of payment will be considered as a tiebreaker criteria.
A visual composition will be elaborated in Brasil Furfest 2019 official poster by a famous artist, where the fursonas of the qualified attendees will be presented.

Art 5 – A visual composition will be elaborated for the official poster of Brasil Furfest 2019, with renowned designer, in which the fursonas of the classified ones will be featured.

Sole paragraph: The drawing will be made by Gamibri (Gabriela Brito) and will not be subject to the opinion of the quilified attendees for modifications or changes in its content.

Art 6 – The announcement of the qualified attendees will be done only after the deadlines mentioned in article 3 and sole paragraph have been completed, by e-mail asking to send references of their fursonas to make the poster.
Sole paragraph: The qualified attendee who has been officially contacted by Brasil FurFest should express immediately if he/she wishes the fursona’s image and name appear in public media and poster, for an indefinite period, in an inexpensive, irrevocable and irreversible way, since for the event’s disclosure.

Art 7 – The poster will be published at Brasil FurFest’s social media in date to be announced.

Art 8 –  Who wishes to cancel the super sponsor registration done in order to this regulation after the qualified attendees are disclosured, will be incurring the penalties described in Art. 56, sole paragraph, Brasil FurFest regulation.

Art 9 – This regulation will be available to the people in general on December 24th, 2018.