Frequent Asked Questions about Brasil FurFest


Apart of the regular ticket, BFF has different experience packages.
All tickets grants you access to convention center and badge. All experience packages gives you exclusive perks and experiences available to those tiers only. And, of course, you get our huge THANK YOU for registering in any tier!
We do not offer hotel, meal or transportation in any of our resgiustration tiers. You can choose where to stay, where to eat and how to get there. You can stay at convention hotel or any other hotel in Santos or even at a friend’s place!
Sheraton offers rooms for up to 4 people, so you can plan ahead and share your room & expenses with friends!

You must pay a ticket for the event and choose one of the experience packages. PayPal is the only payment gateway for those outside Brazil. Hotel and transportation are up to you and the companies that you choose.

Planning your trip!

You don’t have to stay at Sheraton, but staying at the same hotel where the con is hosted is always better since you’ll be immersed! Booking can be done through

Santos has many other great hotels and airbnb services.

Sheraton Santos Hotel is located in front of the biggest mall of Santos, Praiamar Shopping, with several options from Brazilian to international fast food chains. Hotel is located in front of Carrefour supermarket and Outback Steakhouse is located just next door to front desk.

It’s quite easy to move around Santos. If you’re coming from Sao Paulo by car you can take either Anchieta or Imigrantes Highways (both with toll plazas).
If you’re coming by airplane, probably you’ll arrive at Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo. From Guarulhos Int’l you can ride a bus direct to Santos Bus Station. Service is made by Viação Cometa and buses departs from Arrival Levels.
If you’re coming by bus you’ll arive at Santos Bus Station, that is integrated with the central bus station.
A taxi fare from Santos Bus Station to the Hotel is around R$ 25.00. Uber services are available in Santos area.

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The Con!!!

After registering you’ll receive and e-mail with your confirmation. Gits and other rewards will be delivered at the registration desk.

Don’t worry! Brasil FurFest first attraction include group activities aimed towards integration. You’ll make new frieds quickly!
The con and the hotel where the con is hosted are English-friendly atmospheres. Most South American furries and staffs speak good English, still not everybody will be able to talk fluently. All signage and announcements are made in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish. Note that Portuguese is still the main language of the convention for most acitivities and English and Spanish are courtesy languages. For 2020, some activities are done in English and Spanish. ;-)

Besides your willing to have fun, you should bring enough clothing for your stay in Brazil. August is officially winter in Brazil but temperatures in Santos may vary from mildly warm to warm days and chilly nights. Fursuits, kigurumis, cosplays and other costumes are allowed at the hotel and convention areas (except for the restaurants). You should also bring any medicine you need to take on a regular basis that need to be filled with a prescription. Cold medicines, advil and common medicines for allergy and stomach issues can be easily found at any of the dozen local drugstores nearby and are free to buy without a prescription.