Brasil FurFest 2023 – Universidade Furry

Sheraton Santos Hotel
Santos, Brazil
July 14th-16th, 2023

Guest of Honor
Ash Coyote (USA)

911 attendees
Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, USA, Canadá, Alemanha, Mexico, Portugal, Austria and France

Fursuit Parade
205 fursuits

SOS Vida Pet Litoral
26.574,13 (USD 5,548.30)

Dance Competition Winners
Sky Piece
non fursuiters

Very fun classes!

The sixth edition of Brasil FurFest took place from July 14 to 16, 2023 at the Sheraton Santos Hotel and was themed Furry University.

Once again, accreditation opened Brasil FurFest activities on Thursday night. On Friday afternoon, the convention center was opened to welcome furries who came from various parts of Brazil and abroad.

The opening ceremony showed a video about friendship to the sound of the song Coração de Estudante by Milton Nascimento. After the national anthem, a comical video introducing the Furry University was shown followed by a welcome dance from Ronnie Noodles. After the opening ceremony, a dance party and the “Gringos vs. Brazil” show concluded the activities for the day.

Brasil FurFest’s Saturday program included social activities, lectures, workshops, dealer’s den, artist’s alley and the traditional Fursuit Parade, which for the first time had a DJ. The dance competition opened the night, which was followed by a very lively dance party and a Pepper Coyote show.

During the event, guest of honor, Ash Coyote, recorded scenes for a special episode about Brazil for his series The Fandom.

Sunday was opened by traditional fursuit games. The guest of honor, Ash Coyote, presented the first episode of the second season of The Fandom. Before the charity auction, which raised more than BRL 26,000 in donations. The closing ceremony was one of the highlights of Sunday, with speeches from special guests who came from the USA.

Brasil FurFest 2023 brought together 911 participants from 12 countries, a record. During the closing ceremony, an animation by Douglas Inu and Maria Gabi (Megan) was presented announcing the theme for 2024: A Haunted Hotel. It was also confirmed that Telephone will be the guest of honor. The program continued with a round table of furry convention organizers telling funny behind-the-scenes stories, in addition to the popular karaoke session and the party.