Rules of Conduct Brasil FurFest 2021

Brasil FurFest wishes to be a convention with a friendly and respectful atmosphere for members of the furry community and its supporters. This regulation is the guarantee we all want an event without problems, whose rules described here are followed precisely by the event organization.

In accordance with article 61 of section 6, this regulation may change until the event date, and attendees must sign, at the time of accreditation, a term accepting the regulation and committing to follow the rules set forth herein.

BRASIL FURFEST 2019 REGULATION (2021 version will be available soon)


Art. 1. Brasil FurFest is a non-profit event held with the goal of bringing together anthropomorphic art lovers, also known as “furries”, for a weekend of activities and interaction, as well as the respective dissemination of this type of art.

Art. 2. As a condition of being part of the event, the attendees must agree with this regulation and with the rules of conduct common to public places.

Art. 3. This regulation will be applied in common areas of the hotel and in other places where activities related to the event are being held.

Art. 4. The event is carried out by a group of organizers, who in this regulation will be called “staff”; and led by one of these organizers, who will be called “chairman”.

Art. 5. The event is open to those who pay the registration fee and who will be called “attendees” here. During the entire convention, attendees must use the event credential, which in this regulation will be called “badge”.

Art. 6. For the purposes of this regulation, those who are 18 years old or older on August 22, 2019 will be considered to be of legal age and those under 18 years old on August 22, 2019 shall be considered as minors.

Art. 7. Activities that are games, or that have prizes, are merely informal recreational activities that seek the integration of all the attendees. I – The trophies and/or other prizes given have only affective value and do not represent commercial value, neither can be exchanged for any amount of money.

Art. 8. The Dealer’s Den is a space dedicated exclusively to the exhibition and/or sale of handicrafts, art (drawings, collages, digitally made collatings that are not copyrighted), furry/anthropomorphic fursuits and comissions (slots) for art and fursuits or products of anthropomorphic subject matter.

Sole paragraph: The Dealer’s Den will have its own regulation that will be available when the registrations for it are open.


Chapter 1 – General Provisions

Art. 9. All attendees who paid the registration fee or are guests of honor are entitled to, in accordance with art. 5:

I – Free access to the hotel’s convention center on Friday (for and after the opening ceremony), Saturday and Sunday, as well as non public places rented by the hotel to the event (art. 5);
II – Receive a copy of the official book of the event (conbook) which has a full copy of this regulation and receive the other gifts according to the type of your registration; and
III – Participate in the activities promoted by Brasil FurFest.

Art. 10. All event attendees, staff and employees have the right and duty to treat each other with kindness. In case of problems regarding the treatment, communication should be made immediately to any staff members.

Art. 11. All attendees have the right to be heard by the staff about suggestions, complaints, compliments or any matters they consider relevant to the event, at any time, during and after the event.

Art. 12. All participants, irrespective of their age, have the right to be accompanied by parents and/or tutors without registration fees, which will be included in the “companion” category.

I – In the case of minors who do not live with their parents, the companion may be the guardian or tutor, upon presentation of the custody term that is notarized (original document or licensed copy of the original).
II – In cases where it is necessary other relative accompanying the attendee, the attendee must request it before the registration is done. The due date for companion inclusion is according to the registration calendar for each tier. Decision on including this relative is supremely done by the staff after analyzing the situation.
III – When the attendee is a minor, the attendee should be accompanied by legal guardian or duly authorized person, including relatives other than the parents of the attendee.

Sole paragraph: Under no circumstances the event will allow the minor in the event without the presence of any of the persons mentioned in the second item of this article.

Art. 13. Brasil FurFest authorizes in advance the use of all the material made by the attendees during the event for use that has the purpose of free disclosure for non-commercial purposes, in terms of art. 1 of this regulation.

Chapter 2 – Specific Provisions

Art. 14. Wearing fursuits, kigurumis, zentais, costumes and cosplays are allowed (as long as they respect usury and common sense) in the convention center and all public access areas of the hotel where the activities of the event are held.

Art. 15. Only “fursuiters” may participate in the “Fursuit Games” and “Fursuit Parade” activities as “Fursuiters” and their respective handlers, unless, eventually, the staff and / or chairman of the event announces otherwise.

I – Fursuiter is an attendee wearing at least a fursuit head or mask that completely conceals the face and has characteristics as stated in art. 1.
II – Cosplayers, Kigurumis, Zentais and other types of dress will not be considered fursuits, unless they have the characteristics stated in art. 1.

Art. 16. Only those registered in the Super Sponsor tier may participate in the “Special Dinner” and/or “Special Lunch” activities, as such activities are reserved for this tier of registration;

Art. 17. Parents and guardians with proof of custody or relatives authorized by the event staff (having attendees parents’ authorization) have the right and duty to accompany the minors participating during the convention, under the condition of “companion(s)”, being exempt from the registration fee.

I – The companions only have the right to a “companion” badge giving access to the hotel’s Convention Center and to the Fursuit Lounge, the latter in case the minor is a fursuiter.
II – Companions will be granted the same discounts offered to other attendees in shops, restaurants and others agreed to the event and officially announced during the event / internet / official channels / conbook.
III – Companions do not have the right to take part in interactive activities, to receive prizes, to appear in official photos, to participate in official event meals and in any convention-related activities, unless staffs and/or the chairman of the event announces otherwise.

Chapter 3 – The rights of Brasil FurFest

Art. 18. Brasil FurFest may use, free of charge, all material produced by participants or accredited to the event during the activities carried out by Brasil FurFest, in the area of the event (Floor L).

I – The assignment of the right extends to all the material produced during the activities carried out in the external environment, such as Fursuit Parade and super sponsors lunch.
II – Brasil FurFest will guarantee authors credits for the material produced.

Art. 19. Brasil FurFest will produce videos and photos with attendees before, during and after the event. Attendees tacitly and irrevocably agree to the use of the images by Brasil FurFest for an indefinite period, in an inexpensive, irrevocable and irreversible way, unless it is expressed through an application with the staff at the time of accreditation or before the beginning of the event.


Chapter 1 – General provisions

Art. 20. All attendees must follow the rules of this regulation and the rules of common sense and venue regulations (hotel rules) and must follow relevant Brazilian legislation.

Art. 21. All attendees must be kind to other attendees, event staff, hotel guests, employees of the shops linked to the event and other persons attending the event.

Art. 22. All attendees must respect and follow the warnings given by the event staff.

Art. 23. All participants should be presentable during the event, maintaining minimum standards of personal hygiene, in order to avoid complaints from others.

I – Clothing, fursuits, costumes, cosplays, accessories must also be kept within common hygienic standards.

Art. 24. All attendees are responsible for their belongings in their rooms and at all locations where activities will be held throughout the duration of the convention.

I – Under no circumstances the staff of the event and the hotel will be responsible for the belongings of the attendees.
II – In order to use the “Lost and Found”, the attendees themselves should look for their belongings (and not third parties by proxy), and should not there be any obligation on the part of the staff to seek or advise the owners of the lost property.
III – Belongings abandoned at the event’s activity sites will be taken to “Lost and Found”.  At the end of the convention belongings found abandoned will be immediately thrown into the hotel’s trash can, regardless of the material or sentimental value, without any previous communication.

Art. 25. Everyone must carry an original identity document (or any notarized one), which has a photo, at the time of accreditation. Licensed copies of the original or photos are not considered valid documents, by Brazilian law.

Art. 26. Participants agree to wear the badge provided for the event throughout the convention.

I – Badges can and will be requested by staff at any time in all convention activities.
II – It will be considered “absence of the badge” the non-presentation or it being in a place of difficult or impossible visualization to enter the Convention Center or participate in activities linked to the event.
III – Hiding the badge underneath clothing is not allowed and will be considered “absence of badge”, without any losses when repeating once again the act.
IV – The event staff will deny entry or will ask attendees to leave the rooms in all cases of “absence of badge”.

Art. 27. It is mandatory for all people involved in the event to wear clothing that covers the private parts and to prevent them from being evident even if covered by some type of fabric, in all areas of public access, during the entire period of the event, in accordance with current legislation.

Art. 28. Physical contact between attendees can only happen with the consent of both; otherwise, it is mandatory to respect the space of others.

Art. 29. The positive use of any material (audio / video) of Brasil FurFest is free for dissemination and use, since credited and identified the edition of the event in which that material was collected.

Sole paragraph: For use for commercial purpose or personal financial gain, the use of this material will only be released since previously authorized by the event staff (through previous email sent to [email protected]) and that the final product have the origin of the material.

Art. 30. The recording and/or subsequent presentation of the panels and workshops must be authorized by the speakers before they start.

Art. 31. Other rules about video and photos can be announced as the event unfolds.

Chapter 2 – Prohibitions

Art. 32. Brasil FurFest will not tolerate:

I – Any forms of harassment or intolerance (moral, physical, prejudice, intimidation, not respecting the space of others);
II – Physical or verbal violence;
III – Creepy behaviour towards attendees and/or staffs;
IV – Clothing showing or simulating private parts; and
V – Material damage to venues related to the event (convention center, hotel rooms, restaurants, shops and public furniture on the way to the fursuit parade).

Art. 33. It is not allowed eating or drinking in the common areas of the hotel (including the Convention Center) except bottled mineral water.

Sole paragraph: Exception are people who have a proven and informed medical condition at the event registration (those who need to feed at certain times, for example) or if the staff and / or the chairman of the event announces otherwise.

Art. 34. It is forbidden to use body painting without prior permission of the staff, so that measures accordingly are taken to avoid messing up suits of the other attendees.

Art. 35. Fetish costumes and/or demonstrations of fetishes during the event, even if only a part of the composition or all of a costume or costume, are prohibited.

Sole paragraph: Any minor prop whatever is applicable the provisions on this regulation.

Art. 36. Clothing or objects that make racist, phobic allusion to any title, sexual, religious, creed, ideological or political are prohibited.

Art. 37. Any kind of clothing, costumes and accessories that suggest, show or simulate – with drawings or with relief – intimate parts or even that have a sexual connotation is strictly prohibited.

I – Collars and harnesses are permitted but never attached to a guide, chain or any other similar object used to restrict mobility.
II – Anthropomorphic masks are allowed as long as they are unaccompanied by other accessories related to fetish practice.
III – Intimate clothing may not be used in such a way as to be visible or partially visible.
IV –  Knitwear, overalls, zentais and other full-body clothing are allowed only if you can not see the inner parts or their contour.

Art. 38. It is prohibited to display photos or any graphic material with human or anthropomorphic pornography (yiff) in public places, areas intended for the event like Dealer’s Den.

I – In case of doubts about the limits of this rule, attendees should get more information with the staff.

Art. 39. Sexual behavior or behavior that exceeds the limits of public display of affection is prohibited.

Art. 40. It is forbidden physical contact between atendees under and over 18 that extrapolate the limit of a friendly/fraternal hug or greeting kisses.

Art. 41. Firearms, BB Guns, melee guns, Brass Knuckles, or any utensil that inflicts injury on others are strictly prohibited.

I – As determined by the Brazilian Army, airsofts are considered BB guns, being prohibited within the event.
II – Replicas or toy weapons that compose a character’s costume must be presented to staff at the time of accreditation for inspection and release.
III – Replicas or toy weapons are not allowed inside conference rooms, in the hallways and hall of the hotel.

Art. 42. Scissors, needles, nails, pins and other sharp utensils are prohibited in the convention center lounge and common areas of the hotel unless stored with other materials used to repair fursuits and/or other clothing/props. These untensils must be used only for these purposes and only inside the room reserved for the fursuiters or in the hotel rooms.

Art. 43. Jokes involving simulated fights (including swordplay simulation and fake weapons) are not allowed insidethe hotel.


Chapter 1 – General provisions

Art. 44. In case of non-compliance with the above rules, all attendees involved and/or guests of the rooms will be held responsible.

Art. 45. Attendees who get drunk and who are in a state of incapacitation will be taken to their rooms and an ambulance will be called.

Art. 46. Any participant caught in possession of drugs, narcotic or other substances not allowed by law, or without respective records in the competent agencies, will be denounced and/or taken to police authority, as well as summarily expelled immediately from the event.

Art. 47. If attendees witnesses any situation of noncompliance with the rules or has doubts about them, they should they immediately contact any staff or the chairman of the event (anonymity guaranteed), under penalty of applying the sole paragraph of this article.

Sole paragraph: Brasil Furfest is clear from any responsability about verification of facts mentioned after the end of the event, as well as its penalties.

Art. 48. In case of excessive noise, in any place, only a warning will be given by the staff of the event. The second warning will be made by hotel staff accompanied by police authority.

Chapter 2 – Registration

Art. 49. According to Brazilian law, registration for Brasil FurFest is considered an online purchase, and has a period of 7 (seven) calendar days to withdrawal, from the date of payment.

Art. 50. The period for return money paid should not exceed 30 days after the cancellation request and will be made according to the means of payment used by the attendee;

I – For payment methods such as PayPal, PagSeguro, MOIP, etc, the transaction will be canceled, generating the automatic return.
II – For payments made through bank deposit, the return will be made through deposit of the amount in bank account pointed out by the participant.

Art. 51. In case the attendee gives up and wants to pass his registration on to third parties, it can only be done with the approval of Brasil FurFest, and until 45 days before the event, that is, July 9th 2019 11:59 PM (GMT -3).

I – Brasil FurFest is not responsible for financial deals among attendees, and will not help on finding an attendee for the deal.

Art. 52. Children accompanied by at least one of the parents or guardian shall be considered as “accompanied minors”, in accordance with the presentation of a document proving the custody of the minor.

I – When accompanied by a parent, it is mandatory to present the original identity documents of the minor and the father and/or mother at the time of accreditation on the day of the event.
II – In case of being accompanied by a guardian, original identity documents of the minor and the guardian must be presented, along with a licensed copy of the document proving the custody of the minor, for accreditation on the day of the event.

Art. 53. “Unaccompanied minors” are those under 18 years old, who are Brazilian.  According to art. 82 of Brazilian Child and Adolescent Statute (Law 8.069/1990), these must present at the time of accreditation all the following documents:

I – Authorization of both parents or legal guardian correctly filled out, according to the model available on the event site, duly signed with a notarized signature (in two copies) authorizing an adult registered in the event who are not part of the staff;
II – Licensed copies of parents’ documents (in two copies).  In the case of guardian, certified copies of a document certifying custody of the minor (in two copies), in addition to copies of the guardian’s document (in two copies); and
III – Original identity document of the minor and responsible adult appointed by the parents, who will be legally responsible for the unaccompanied minor.

Art. 54. Minors who are not Brazilian, will be considered as “underage foreign minors”, and may only attend the event with one of the parents, both with original identity documents.

Art. 55. Further provisions on registration, accreditation and payment are in the Terms of Service that the attendee must indicate that he/she has read and understood at the end of the registration via event website.


Art 56. Failure to comply with the rules will be punished by adopting the following procedure: in the first incidence, a verbal warning will be given to the attendee; in the second incidence (not necessarily in the same noncompliance) a written warning with two witnesses, in the third incidence the participant will be immediately expelled from the edition of the event to which he is enrolled and, depending on the seriousness of the noncompliance, with a subsequent decision on permanent ban.

Art. 57. Any actions that cause interference to the event will result in the immediate expulsion of the attendees involved and, in the most serious situations, call police authority to be issued a police report, notably:

I – That affect the relationship between the attendees and/or between the attendees and the staff;
II – That cause discomfort or embarrassment to attendees and/or staff; and
III – That cause material damages to the hotel and/or places hosting event activities.

Sole paragraph: in the event of an activity that is known to have maculated or cause financial damage to the event, whether before, during or after it, it will allow the staff to deny or cancel the registration in the present edition and in the future, according to the severity of the damage.

Art. 58. In the case of infractions committed by minors, tutors and/or guardians indicated by the parents shall be liable and punished jointly with the minor in accordance with this regulation.

Art. 59. If damages are caused at the hotel and the staff is informed of such occurrence, participants will be summarily expelled from the event.

Art. 60. Participants who fail to comply with these rules will be expelled from the event and may subsequently be permanently banned from the event, as judged by the staff.


Art. 61. Acts not covered by this regulation will be decided by the staff and/or chairman of the event, following the current legislation;

Art. 62. This regulation may change until the event date, and attendees must sign, at the time of accreditation, a term accepting the regulation and committing to follow the rules set forth herein;

Art 63. In case of any doubts about this regulation, please talk immediately to the staff or the chairman of the event;

Art 64. This regulation will take effect immediately after publication on official website and event pages in social media.

Have a good time! Enjoy the event! But remember to be courteous and kind with the other attendees.
We want Brasil FurFest to be remembered forever as a magical event!