Regulation of Brasil FurFest

Brasil FurFest wants to remain a friendly and respectful place for members of the furry community and their supporters. The present regulation is the guarantee that we all seek a problem-free environment, whose rules set forth herein are strictly followed by the organization.

This is the second version of the BFF Regulation 2022, published on 05/09/2022.
According to clause 6.2, the regulation may undergo further changes, and participants must sign, at the time of accreditation, a term accepting it and committing to follow the rules set forth therein.



1.1 – Brasil FurFest is a private non-profit charity event in the form of a convention, which brings together lovers of anthropomorphic arts, also known as “furries”, for a weekend of activities and interaction, as well as the respective dissemination of this type of event. art. Brasil FurFest aims to raise funds for charity for the Social Project SOS Vida Pet Litoral, which helps protectors maintain shelters for strays in Baixada Santista.

1.2 – As a condition of being part of Brasil FurFest, participants tacitly agree with this regulation and with the rules of conduct common to public places.

1.3 – This regulation will be applied to the common areas of the hotel and other places where activities related to Brasil FurFest are being carried out.

1.4 – Brasil FurFest is a non-profit event held by a group of volunteer organizers, which in this regulation will be called “staff”.

1.5 – Brasil FurFest is open to those who pay the collaboration fee (registration) and who here will be called “participants”. During the entire period of Brasil FurFest and in all non-public access places allocated by the hotel to the party, participants must wear their identification credential, which in this regulation will be called a “badge”.

1.6 – For the purposes of this regulation, those who are 18 years of age or older at midnight on July 15, 2022 will be considered adults and those who are 17 years of age or less at midnight of the day will be considered minors. 15th of July 2022.

1.7 – Activities that are competitions with a winner, or that have some type of award, are merely recreational and informal, seeking the integration of all participants.

1.7.a – The trophies and/or other prizes given have only affective value and do not represent any kind of commercial value, nor can they be exchanged for any amount of money.

1.8 – The Furry Bazaar is a space dedicated solely to the exhibition and/or sale of handicrafts, art (drawings, collages, digitally authored montages), fursuits and other copyrighted furry/anthropomorphic products and reservation in advance (slot) for commissions/commissioning of art, fursuits and furry/anthropomorphic themed copyright products.

1.8.a – The Furry Bazaar will be regulated by its own regulations, the disclosure of which will be carried out when registration for this activity is opened.



2.1 – All participants who paid the collaboration fee (registration) or were invited by the Brasil FurFest staff are entitled, under the terms of clause 1.5:

2.1.a – Free access to the hotel’s convention center on Friday (07/15/2022 – for and after the opening ceremony), Saturday (07/16/2022) and Sunday (07/17/2022), as well as non-public spaces allocated by the hotel to the party organizers (see 1.5);

2.1.b – Receive a copy of the official Brasil FurFest book (conbook), a copy of the full text of this regulation, and receive other gifts according to the type of registration; and

2.1.c – Participate in activities promoted by Brasil FurFest.

2.2. All Brasil FurFest participants, staff and employees have a mutual right and duty to treat each other with kindness. In case of any problems regarding the treatment, the communication of what happened must be made immediately to any members of the staff.

2.3 – All participants have the right to be heard by the staff about suggestions, complaints, compliments or any matters they consider relevant to the organization, at any time, during Brasil FurFest and after it.

2.4 – All participants, regardless of age, have the right to be accompanied by a father and/or mother without charging a collaboration fee for them, who will be included in the “companion” category, as described in clause 2.9.

2.4.a – In the case of minors who do not live with their parents, the companion may be the guardian or tutor, upon presentation of the custody term that has public faith (original document and/or certified copy of the original).

2.4.b – The companion benefit is exclusive to fathers, mothers and legal guardians. The participant’s other relatives are not entitled to this benefit;

2.4.c – In cases where the participant is a minor, he/she must be accompanied by a legal guardian or person duly authorized to do so, including but not limited to relatives who are not the participant’s father or mother;

2.4.d – Brasil FurFest will not allow, under any circumstances, the presence of the minor in the place without the presence of one of the persons indicated in clause 2.4.c.

2.5 – Brasil FurFest authorizes in advance the use of all material made by participants during the course of activities promoted by it for use that has the purpose of free dissemination for non-commercial purposes, pursuant to clause 1.1 of this regulation.
Of the specific provisions

2.6 – The use of fursuits, kigurumis, zentais, costumes and cosplays are allowed (provided they respect decorum and common sense), in the convention center and in all public access areas of the hotel where the activities will take place of Brasil FurFest (see clause 1.5).

2.7 – Only “fursuiters” participants will be able to participate in the “Fursuit Games” and “Fursuit Parade” activities as “fursuiters” and their respective handlers, unless, eventually, the staffs announce otherwise.

2.7.a – As a “fursuiter”, the Brasil FurFest staff understands that it is a participant wearing at least one fursuit head or mask that completely hides the face and that must have zooanthropomorphic characteristics;

2.7.b – Cosplayers, Kigurumis, Zentais and other types of clothing will not be considered fursuits, except for those who meet the minimum requirements described in clause 2.7.a.

2.8 – Only those enrolled in the “VIF” and “VIF Platinum” levels may participate in the “Special Dinner” and/or “Special Lunch” activities, as such activities are reserved for these enrollment levels;

2.9 – Parents or guardians/guardians with proof of custody or relatives authorized by the staff, carrying authorization from the parents of the minor participants, have the right and duty to accompany the minor participants during Brasil FurFest, under the condition of “companion( s)”, being exempt from the collaboration fee (registration), as long as they are registered within the deadline stipulated by the staff.

2.9.a – Companions are only entitled to the “companion” badge that gives access to the hotel’s convention center and access to the fursuit lounge, the latter in case the participant is a fursuiter.

2.9.b – Companions will be granted the same discounts offered to other participants in stores, restaurants and establishments affiliated with Brasil FurFest and officially announced during the activities, on the internet, on official channels or in conbook (convention book).

2.9.c – Without prejudice to the right to enter and remain at the activity site, companions are not entitled to participate in interactive activities, receive awards, sell items in the furry bazaar, appear in official photos, participate in official meals and to participate in any activities related to Brasil FurFest, unless, occasionally, the staff announces otherwise.

The rights of Brasil FurFest

2.10 – Brasil FurFest may use, free of charge and without prior communication, all material produced by participants, guests or accredited during the activities carried out by it, in the areas where the party is held.

2.10.a – This right of assignment of use extends to all material produced during activities carried out in an external environment, such as the Fursuit Parade and the super sponsors’ lunch.

2.10.b – Brasil FurFest will guarantee the authors their due credit for the material produced, in case it is used in accordance with clause 2.10.

2.11 – Brasil FurFest staff will produce videos and photos with the participants before, during and eventually after the party. Participants tacitly and irrevocably agree with the use of the images by Brasil FurFest for an indefinite period, in a non-onerous, irrevocable and irreversible manner, unless expressed through a request with the staff at the time of accreditation or before the start of the party.


3.1 – All participants undertake to follow the rules of this regulation and to maintain the posture according to the common rules of decorum and common sense, in addition to all the rules of use of the place that will be hosting Brasil FurFest (Sheraton Santos Hotel) and the relevant national legislation.

3.2 – All participants must respectfully treat other participants, staff, hotel guests, employees of commercial establishments linked to Brasil FurFest and other people who are on site, as per clause 2.2.

3.3 – All participants must respect and pay attention to the warnings given by the staff.

3.4 – All participants must remain presentable during Brasil FurFest, maintaining minimum standards of personal hygiene, in order to avoid complaints from others.

3.4.a – Clothing, fursuits, costumes, cosplays, accessories and the like must also be kept within hygiene standards.

3.5 – All participants are responsible for their belongings in all places where the activities will be held throughout the duration of Brasil FurFest.

3.5.a – Under no circumstances will the staff and/or the hotel be responsible for the personal belongings of the participants;

3.5.b – For the use of the “Lost and Found”, the participants themselves must search for their belongings, being prohibited the removal by third parties with power of attorney,

3.5.c – The staff is under no obligation to search for or notify the owners of lost property.

3.5.d – Abandoned belongings that are found by the staff at the activity sites will be taken to the “Lost and Found”. At the end of daily activities, the abandoned objects will be definitively discarded, regardless of their material or sentimental value, without any prior communication of the aforementioned disposal.

3.5.e – If the item is located in the last activity of the day, it will be made available in “Lost and Found” until the end of the next day of activity, with the exception of objects located on Sunday, 07/17/2022.

3.6 – All participants must be provided with an original identity document (or another that has public faith), which has a photo, at the time of accreditation. Certified copies or photos are not considered valid documents by law.

3.7 – Participants undertake to use the badge provided for identification throughout Brasil FurFest.

3.7.a – Badges can and will be requested by staff at any time during all activities and during their stay in areas where Brasil FurFest is taking place.

3.7.b – Failure to present/display the credential to access the floor where the convention center is located or to participate in activities linked to Brasil FurFest or being in a place that is difficult or impossible to view will be considered “absence of the badge”.

3.7.c – Hiding the badge under clothing is not allowed and will be considered “lack of badge”, without prejudice to possible sanctions in case of recurrence of the act.

3.7.d – The staff reserves the right to deny entry or remove participants in all cases of “no badge”, according to clause 3.7.c., or request the removal of strangers from the place if this situation is verified.

3.8 – It is mandatory for everyone, in all areas of public access, during the entire period of Brasil FurFest, according to current legislation, to wear clothing that covers the intimate parts and that prevents them from being evident even if covered by some type of fabric.

3.9 – Physical contact between participants can only happen with the consent of both; otherwise, it is mandatory to respect the space of others.

3.10 – The free use of any material (audio/visual) from Brasil FurFest is free for dissemination and use, as long as the Brasil FurFest edition in which that material was collected is credited and identified.

3.10.a – For commercial purposes or personal financial gain, the use of this material will only be released provided that it is previously authorized by the staff (through a previous e-mail sent to [email protected]) and that the final product contains credits to the origin of the material.

3.11 – The recording and/or subsequent exhibition of lectures and workshops must be authorized by the speakers before the beginning of the same.

3.12 – Other rules around the production of photos and videos may be announced as the activities progress.


3.13 – Brasil FurFest will not tolerate:
I – Any forms of harassment or intolerance (moral, physical, prejudice, intimidation, not respecting the space of others);
II – Physical or verbal violence;
III – Persecution of participants and/or staff;
IV – Clothing that shows or simulates intimate parts; and
V – Material damage to material and/or places related to Brasil FurFest (convention center, hotel facilities, partner establishments and public furniture on the way to the fursuit parade).

3.14 – According to the rules of the Sheraton Santos hotel, it is not allowed to consume food and drinks in the Convention Center rooms, except bottled mineral water.

3.14.a – People who have a proven and informed medical condition at the time of registration (those who need to eat at certain times, for example) or if the staff announce the opposite are excluded from the caput.

3.15 – It is forbidden to use heavy makeup and/or body paint without the prior consent/permission of the staff, so that measures are taken to avoid soiling the clothes of the other participants.

3.16 – Fetish costumes and/or demonstrations of fetishes are prohibited, even if they are only part of the composition or the whole of a costume or costume.

3.16.a – Any prop, however small, the provisions of the caput are applicable.

3.17 – Clothing or objects that allude to racist, phobic, sexual, religious, creed, ideological or political reasons are prohibited.

3.18 – Any kind of clothing, clothing and accessories that suggest, show or simulate, with drawings or relief, intimate parts or that have a sexual connotation are strictly prohibited.

3.18.a – Collars and harnesses are allowed, but never combined with a leash, chain or any other similar object used to restrict mobility.

3.18.b – Anthropomorphic masks are allowed as long as they are unaccompanied by other accessories related to fetishistic practice.

3.18.c – Underwear may not be used in such a way as to be visible or partially visible, or even visible through the garment.

3.18.d – Knitwear, overalls, zentais and other full body clothing are only allowed if it is not possible to visualize the intimate parts or their contour.

3.19 – It is prohibited to display photos or any graphic material with human or anthropomorphic pornography (yiff) in public places, areas destined for Brasil FurFest, furry bazaar.

3.19.a – In case of doubts about the limits of this rule, the participant must previously consult a staff.

3.20 – Sexual behavior or behavior that goes beyond the limit of public display of affection is prohibited.

3.21 – Physical contact between adults and minors that goes beyond the limit of a friendly/fraternal hug or greeting/greeting kisses is prohibited.

3.22 – Firearms, pressure weapons, bladed weapons, brass knuckles or any utensil that inflicts injury on others are totally prohibited.

3.22.a – As determined by the Brazilian Army, airsofts are considered pressure weapons, being prohibited inside the places where the Brasil FurFest takes place.

3.22.b – Replicas, simulacra or toy weapons that make up a character’s costume must be previously presented to the staff at the time of accreditation for inspection and release.

3.22.c – Replicas or toy weapons are not allowed inside the conference rooms, corridors and hotel hall.

3.23 – Scissors, needles, nails, pins and other sharp utensils are prohibited in the convention center lounge and in the hotel’s common areas, unless they are properly stored together with other fursuit repair materials and/or other clothing/props and are used solely for this purpose within the room reserved for fursuiters (Fursuit Lounge).

3.24 – Games that involve simulated fights (including simulated fights with swords and fake weapons) are not allowed inside the areas where the Brasil FurFest takes place.



4.1 – In case of non-compliance with any of the rules provided for in this regulation, all those involved and/or guests of the rooms in question will be held responsible.

4.2 – Participants who report feeling unwell, who visibly exaggerate the alcoholic dosage and/or who are in a state of disability will be taken to their rooms and the hotel’s civil firefighter and/or a SAMU ambulance can only be called by the hotel.

4.3 – Any participant caught in possession of drugs, narcotics or other substances not permitted by law, nor with their respective records absent from the competent bodies, will have their names communicated to the police authority so that they can take the legal measures, as well as being expelled immediately from the place.

4.4 – In case of non-compliance with the rules or doubts about them, the participant undertakes to immediately contact any staff (anonymity is protected), under penalty of application of clause 4.4.a. below:

4.4.a – Brasil FurFest disclaims any responsibility for the verification of facts and occurrences reported to the staff after the end of the activities, and will not apply any type of punishment.

4.5 – In case of excessive noise, in any place, only a warning will be given by the staff. The second warning will be made by hotel staff accompanied by police authority.


4.6 – In accordance with current legislation, registration for Brasil FurFest is considered a purchase made over the internet, and has a period of 7 (seven) calendar days to withdraw from the registration, from the date of payment.

4.7 – The period for returning the money paid must not exceed 30 (thirty) days after the cancellation request and will be made according to the means of payment used by the participant;

4.7.a – For payment methods such as PayPal, PagSeguro, MOIP, etc., the transaction will be canceled, generating an automatic reversal.

4.8 – Registrations are non-transferable, and it is not possible to transfer them to other people after payment and confirmation of the same.

4.9 – “Accompanied minors” will be considered those who are accompanied by at least one of the parents or guardian/guardian or guardian, according to the presentation of a document proving the custody of the minor.

4.9.a – When accompanied by one of the parents, it is sufficient to present the original identity documents of the minor and of the father and/or mother at the time of accreditation.

4.9.b – In case of being accompanied by a guardian/guardian or relative, original identity documents of the minor and the guardian/guardian or parents must be presented, in addition to a certified copy of the document that proves the custody of the minor, for accreditation.

4.10 – “Unaccompanied minors” will be considered as minors under 18 years of age who are Brazilians and who are not accompanied by a father, mother or guardian.

4.11 – Unaccompanied minors (clause 4.10) must present all the following documents at the time of accreditation (according to article 82 of the Child and Adolescent Statute – Law 8069/1990):
I – Authorization from a parent or legal guardian/guardian filled in correctly, according to the model available on the Brasil FurFest website, duly signed with a notarized signature (in two copies) authorizing a person of legal age as guardian, who is registered in Brasil FurFest and not be part of the organization of the party;
II – Certified copies of documents from one or both parents (in two copies). In the case of a guardian/guardian, certified copies of the document proving the custody of the minor (in two copies), in addition to copies of the document of the guardian/guardian (in two copies); and
III – Original identity document of the minor and of the adult responsible appointed by the parents, who will be legally responsible for the unaccompanied minor.

4.12 – Minors who are not Brazilians will be considered “foreign minors” and will only be able to participate in Brasil FurFest in the presence of one of their parents and with identity documents (for countries where Brazil has an agreement for the use of of national identity documents) or original passports.

4.13 – Other provisions on registration, registration and payment are in the Terms of Service that the participant must indicate that he has read and understood at the end of the registration via the Brasil FurFest website.


5.1 – Failure to comply with the rules will be punished by adopting the following procedure:
I – In the first incident, a verbal warning will be provided to the participant;
II – In the second incident (not necessarily in the same non-compliance), a written warning will be applied, identifying two witnesses of non-compliance;
III – In the third instance, the participant will be immediately expelled from the Brasil FurFest to which he is registered and, depending on the seriousness of the non-compliance, with a subsequent decision on permanent banishment.

5.2 – Any actions that interfere with the progress of Brasil FurFest will result in the immediate expulsion of the participants involved and, in more serious cases, the summoning of a police authority to file a report, notably:
I – That affect the relationship between the participants and/or between the participants and the staff;
II – That cause discomfort or embarrassment to the participants and/or the staff; and
III – That cause material damage to the hotel and/or places that house Brasil FurFest activities

5.2.a – In the event of an activity that notably has the purpose of maculating or causing financial damage to Brasil FurFest, whether before, during or after its execution, it will allow the staff to deny or cancel the registration carried out in the present edition, which may also be permanent ban applied depending on the severity of the damage.

5.3 – In case of infractions committed by minors, the parents, guardians/guardians and/or legal guardians appointed by the parents will be held responsible and punished together with the minor, in accordance with this regulation.

5.4 – If one or more participants cause damage to the hotel and/or areas where Brasil FurFest is held and the staff is notified of such occurrence, all participants involved will be summarily expelled from the place.

5.5 – Participants who fail to comply with these rules will be expelled from Brasil FurFest 2022 and, later, may be permanently banned from Brasil FurFest, according to the judgment of the staff.


6.1 – Occurrences not covered by this regulation will be subject to decision by the staff, following common sense and current legislation;

6.2 – This regulation may change until the date of Brasil FurFest. Participants will receive a copy of the final version of this regulation within the “conbook”, and must sign a term at the time of accreditation, accepting and committing to follow the rules set forth herein;

6.3 – In case of any doubts about this regulation, please immediately consult the Brasil FurFest staff;

6.4 – This regulation will come into effect immediately after publication on the official website and pages of Brasil FurFest on social media.