Dealer’s Den 2022

Selling furry products at Brasil FurFest!

Join Brasil FurFest Dealer’s Den and sell your products during the event.

Brasil FurFest will provide each exhibitor a 182cm x 45cm table and two chairs in the main room of the event. The room has 220V sockets Brazilian standard.
Remember to follow the Dealer’s Den rules and bring all the material you will need to your table, such as electrical extensions, product displays, price plates, etc.


Clause 1. Dealer’s Den is an area for the sale of handicrafts and art produced by furries themselves, intended for all attendees regularly enrolled in Brasil FurFest 2022.

Clause 1.a. Attendees are all those who registered and paid the registration fee through the website of Brasil FurFest, receiving the confirmation of the registration by email or even those who were invited to the event.



Clause 2. The exhibitor who wishes to participate in Dealer’s Den must do so through the website of Brasil FurFest (, filling in the registration with registration number and other personal information from midnight of June 1, 2022 (GMT-3).

Clause 2.a. Exhibitors must be registered attendees at Brasil FurFest and of legal age.

Clause 2.b. Underage exhibitors must be accompanied by those responsible during the Dealer’s Den, according to clause 4.

Clause 2.c. Exhibitors must be carrying at the time of activity their badge(s) issued by the event for Brasil FurFest 2022.

Clause 3. Exhibitors of the Dealer’s Den 2019 will be charged a fee of R$ 30.00 (thirty Brazilian reais), to be paied through PayPay according to the instructions informed by email after registration.

Clause 3.a. After payment of the fee, any refund will not be possible

Clause 3.b. The confirmation will be given after payment of the fee, within 10 (ten) business days from the date of first contact.

Clause 4. Exhibitors must inform in the registration what type of products they want to sell.

Clause 4.a. The number of entries will be limited to the number of tables available, according to the order of registration on the website of Brasil FurFest (clause 3).

Clause 4.b. After payment of the fee and confirmation of registration, it will no longer be possible to make changes to the registration made for Dealer’s Den.


Clause 5. Exhibitors must sell only handcrafted items; pre-produced arts, to be produced on-site or to be combined for future delivery; various garments; sewing services and fursuit/fursuit parts. Items or services outside these characteristics must be previously approved by the event staff, through the table request form, at the time of registration, according to clause 2.

Clause 5.a. Brasil FurFest is not responsible for the sale, delivery and or transactions made by the exhibitors at their tables. The event is limited to the provision of a table and chairs for the exhibition of products (clause 4.a).

Clause 5.b. All price announcements and all transactions (cash or electronic) must be made only in Brazilian Reals, as determined by Brazilian law.

Clause 5.c. The sale of foodstuffs, beverages, industrialized products of any kind or that have a bar code and books with ISBN registration, national or imported, is prohibited, unless the book author is selling the work of his own.

Clause 5.d. The sale of products intended for persons over 18 years of age, except art, is prohibited.

Clause 5.e. The sale of art intended for those over 18 years of age must be done with prior authorization of the staff of the event, under penalty of applying clause 6.

Clause 5.f. It is forbidden to expose material with pornography of any nature, including pornographic anthropomorphic art (yiff), and this material should be wrapped in covers and presented as requested. They must be presented in catalog only to persons over 18 years old, and delivered with discretion, in packages that conceal their contents, under penalty of the application of clause 6.


Clause 6. Should any of the clauses be disregarded, the staff of the event will give a first warning (verbal with witnesses). In case of continuing non-compliance with the regulations, the exhibitor will be removed from Dealer’s Den.

Clause 7. If the attendee is denied withdrawal from the Dealer’s Den, according to clause 6, the attendee will be expelled from the event, in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation of Brasil FurFest 2022.