Dance Competition 2022

Brasil FurFest proudly presents its 5th edition of the Dance Competition.
As well as in great furry conventions from abroad, let’s see furries and fursuiters showing their abilities in a lively competition!

The competition will be divided into 2 (two) categories:
– Fursuiters (individual or duo)
– Non-Fursuiters (individual or duo)
The presentation time is up to 2 minutes

Come dance and have fun with us! \o/

Rules for Brasil FurFest Dance Competition 2022 will be available soon!
Here the rules for the last iteration in 2019.


Clause 1. All the participants that are regularly registered in the event may participate in the activity “2019 Brasil FurFest Dance Competition – Brazilian Party”.

Clause 1.a. Anyone who has a badge issued by Brasil FurFest for the event held in 2019, regardless of age, is considered regularly registered in the event.

Clause 2. Those who chose to have their image rights protected may not take part in the Dance Competition, since the competition is recorded by a professional video team and can be displayed in full online through Brasil FurFest’s site and/or social medias.

Clause 3. All the sounding rates due to Central Bureau for Collection and Distribution (ECAD, federal laws 5.988/73, 9.610/98 e 10.853/13), are included in the rent charged by the venue hosting the event in the fiscal year of 2019.

Clause 4. The Dance Competition will be divided into 2 (two) categories: 1) Fursuiter; and 2) Non-Fursuiter.

Clause 4.a. “Fursuiter” category may be applied to all those who are wearing a fursuit/cosplay showing their character, composed of “head of the character” covering the head of the participant and “gloves” in the hands. (other elements are optional).

Clause 4.b. “Non-Fursuiter” category may be applied to all those who do not fit in the modality “Fursuiter”, described in Clause 4.a.

Clause 4.c. The dancers limit is two participants per presentation.

Clause 4.d. Participants can only take part in one category, enabling equal participation for all.

Clause 4.e. In case of a duo formed by a fursuiter and a non-fursuiter, the duo will compete in the category “Fursuiters”.

Clause 5. Participants may use extra resources (banners, boards, posters, and other graphic materials) for the presentation, except those representing melee guns, firearms, “nerfs” or any others contrary to the established in the regulations available at

Clause 5.a. The extra resources referred to in Clause 5 shall be provided and handled by the participants themselves (or persons expressly authorized to do so); neither the event nor any component of the staff is liable for handling or supplying such items.



Clause 6. Participants who wish to take part in the Dance Competition must do it so personally with the staff of Brasil FurFest on August 24, 2019, 10 am – 12 pm, in the room designated for the Dance Competition Auditions.

Clause 7. Requirements for registration mentioned in clause 6 are:

Clause 7.a. Badge issued by Brasil FurFest for the event held in 2019;

Clause 7.b. Choice of the category to participate (“Fursuiter” or “Non-Fursuiter”), according to clause 4.

Clause 7.c. Music to be performed during your presentation (in mp3 format, minimum quality 128kbps, maximum size 50 megabytes), edited to have the maximum length of 2 minutes.

Clause 7.d. The music, remix or edition must be within the theme “Brazilian Party”, that is, the song must be Brazilian and, if it has lyrics, they must be sung in Portuguese. Foreign participants may choose a song from their countries, and if it has lyrics, they must be sung in the official language of their countries.

Clause 7.e. Inform the title of the song and name of the artist; and

Clause 7.f. Accept tacitly this regulation, available since March 11, 2019 and also possible to be accessed when registering on the venue as described in clause 6.

Clause 8. Participants will have 30 minutes to solve any problems in Clause 7 and subsections.

Clause 9. Confirmation of registration in the competition will be given only at the time of the elimination auditions, after the resolution of any problems (clauses 7 and 8).

Clause 10. The procedural rules set in this regulation will be valid for the two categories of the competition.


Clause 11. The competition will have as mandatory the theme Brazilian Party and will be divided into two stages: “Elimination Auditions” and “Grand Finale”.

Clause 11.a. The participants will first dance in an elimination audition starting at 10 am on August 24, 2019, in the room designated for this activity. Participants should show their choreography and music to the judges. Judges will choose, without grading, up to 6 (six) participants according to their judgment in relation to the best auditions of each category to participate in the “Grand Finale”. Judges should try to keep an equal number of participants in each category for the presentation at the Grand Finale, having a maximum of 12 (twelve) presentations in total. In case there are few participants in one of the categories, judges will be able to complete the 12 positions with participants of the other category.

Clause 11.b. “Grand Finale” will be held at 8:00 pm on August 24, 2019, at City Center Room, with a maximum limit of 12 (twelve) presentations (as stated in clause 10.a.).

Clause 11.c.  The winner is who has the highest grade among the others from the same category, according to the evaluation criteria of clause 12.


Clause 12. There will be three criteria for evaluation of the participants, which will result in 3 grades: Creativity, Performance and Entertainment;

Clause 12.a. Creativity will analyze the inventive and artistic ability of the participants regarding the choreography, gestures, and movements presented;

Clause 12.b. Performance will analyze the participants’ resourcefulness regarding the gestures, movements, and synchronism according to the outfit chosen; and

Clause 12.c. Entertainment will include the ability of the participants to create from the choreography a presentation that is attractive to judges and audience.

Clause 13. It will be posted on the day and time of the grand finale, with a minimum of 2 (two) hours in advance, the participants and the respective order of presentation, which will be defined in a draw.

Clause 13.a. The order of presentations is subject to change according to changes in the programming.

Clause 14. For participants who opt for the use of props (clause 5), it is mandatory staff to check it during the audition, under penalty of clause 22.

Clause 15. Grades described in clause 11 will be assigned at the end of each presentation by an examination board composed of 3 judges in total secrecy to an event staff that is on the venue.

Clause 15.a. After delivery of the notes, judges will have the maximum time of 45 (forty-five) seconds each to make any comments about the presentation they have just seen.

Clause 16. The final grade will be composed by the arithmetic mean of the grades assigned by the examination board (clause 15) who will watch the presentations of the participants with the submitted music (clause 7.d).

Clause 17. Participants must be at the venue at the time of their presentations, when the presentations are over, when the champion will be announced or the tiebreaker will be needed, under penalty of disqualification of the participants.

Clause 18. The final score is paramount and will be accounted throughout the competition, the champions being announced after the conclusion of the presentations, except in the case where the tiebreaker is necessary (clause 17).

Clause 18.a. Final classification and respective grades of each participant will be posted in a place to be indicated by the organization during the event and, later, at Brasil FurFest’s website and social medias.

Clause 19. If there is a tie between two or more participants, they should jointly make an improvised dance presentation with a song selected by the event organization, lasting 1 minute.

Clause 19.a. After the presentation, judges will decide the best participant, only then being announced the champion, as described in clause 18.


Clause 20. The winners of each category will be awarded a trophy and a basic registration voucher for 2020 Brasil FurFest. The competitors in second and third places of each category will be awarded a trophy.

Clause 20.a. Other prizes may be announced during the dance competition.

Clause 20.b. Prizes are personal and non-transferable, have symbolic value and will not be exchanged for cash amounts under any circumstances.


Clause 21. If the music does not comply with the rules and this problem is not solved during the period of time provided in clause 8, the registration will be canceled.

Clause 22. Participants who refuse to show the props that will be used during the presentation, according to clause 14, will have their registrations in the Dance Competition canceled.

Clause 23. Participants who are not on the stage at the time of their presentation, when called, will be automatically disqualified from the competition and recorded at the final classification as a withdrawal.

Clause 24. If the participants are not on the stage for the tiebreaker, they will be recorded as last in the tiebreaker criteria.

Clause 25. Other occurrences not covered by this regulation will be solved in a paramount manner by the staff of the event, in accordance with the general regulation of 2019 Brasil FurFest and current legislation.