Brasil FurFest 2021 will be postponed to 2022

Brasil FurFest postponed to 2022 and an online event will be held in 2021

Dear furries,

Due to the current situation imposed by Covid pandemic in Brazil, we are forced to announce the postponement of Brasil FurFest 2021 (which would be held at the hotel in July this year) to 2022.
On July 16th-18th 2021, BFF Online will be held on Hopin, an online events platform.

This is again a very difficult decision. However, we must consider the safety and health of everyone involved in the event and given the current situation, we have no choice but to postpone BFF and hold an online event.

When and where will Brasil FurFest 2022 be held?

The event will take place from May 13th to 15th at the Mercure Hotel, in Santos, SP, Brazil.

Will the theme The Fantastic Candy Factory be kept?


Is Uncle Kage still a guest of honor?

Yes, his coming is confirmed.

And BFF Online? What is that?
Wishing not letting our guests without an event in 2021, we will hold an online event which will take place between 16th and 18th July 2021 at Hopin (an online platform for events with video, audio and chat rooms). BFF Online will be an experience similar to the hotel’s event, with most activities such as panels, dealer’s den, talent show, etc. We will make a full announcement about the online event on our YouTube livestream on April 18th.

How do I participate in BFF Online?

All those who own/keep tickets for 2022 will have free admission for BFF Online.
The other furries will be able to participate by paying an admission fee of BRL 20 (around USD 4).

I have not bought the ticket for BFF yet, now what?
Ticket sales will normally proceed to the 2022 event.
Anyone who buys a ticket for 2022 will have free admission to BFF Online.

What about refunds?

We call on you to keep your ticket for 2022, given that BFF has had fixed expenses for 2 years and a wave of requests for reimbursement can mean the end of the event.
A form to request a full refund of the amount paid for tickets for 2021 will be available soon.

Those who opt for a refund will not have a free ticket for BFF Online.

How and when can I apply for a refund?
In the coming weeks we will bring more information.
Always stay tuned on our website (, social networks or the telegram chat (

We ask everyone to NOT open a dispute or request chargebacks through PayPal. Refunds will be made by us. The request made directly to PayPal harms Brasil FurFest relationship with the payment methods and can lead to the permanent closure of our accounts on their sites.

Once again we ask you to consider keeping your tickets for 2022 as a way to help the event.

Should I cancel my reservation or can I keep it for 2022?

You must cancel your reservations as the event has been postponed.

If your reservation is at Mercure, you must cancel or transfer your reservation to 2022 through the email [email protected] – Érika.
If your reservation is at Ibis, you must cancel or transfer your reservation to 2021 through the email h5530-[email protected] – Vitória.

*Rates are the responsibility of the hotels.

Why not postpone Brasil FurFest for a new date in 2021?

We prefer to take the event to 2022 to avoid a new postponement.

We believe that next year most people will be vaccinated and we will have government authorization to hold the event at the hotel.

Don’t forget to follow our social networks as well.

If you have any questions, please contact us in our social medias or by e-mail [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you all at BFF Online and Brasil FurFest 2022!

Greetings from Brazil,

Brasil FurFest Staff