Brasil FurFest aims be a convention with a friendly and respectful atmosphere for members of the furry community and their supporters. As a condition to be part of the event, participants tacitly agree with these rules of conduct and common sense. The terms of conduct will be enforced in public areas of the hotel and in other locations where activities related to the event are being held.
These terms of conduct ensure a smooth event and the rules herein shall be followed strictly by the organization of Brasil FurFest.
Failure to comply with the rules will be punished with immediate expulsion from this year’s event and subsequent decision on a permanent ban.
If you notice the breach of the rules or have questions about them, please contact us immediately, either with any staff or the chairman of the event.



The Brasil FurFest is a nonprofit event held with the aim of bringing together lovers of anthropomorphic arts for a weekend of activities and interaction.
The event is held by the “staff of Brasil FurFest” or simply “staff”; led by the event organizer, also known as “chairman”.
The event is open to all those who pay the registration fee and here are called “participants”.
Any event that is not covered by this Regulation shall be covered by the current legislation of Brazil, São Paulo state and the municipality of Santos.



– All participants who have paid the registration fee or were invited by the event staff are entitled to free access to the hotel’s convention center on Saturday and Sunday (upon presentation of the badge of the event), to receive a copy of the event’s official book (conbook) and receive other gifts according to the value of your subscription.

– All participants are entitled to be treated with kindness and courtesy by the staff of the event, hotel staff and employees of commercial establishments linked to the event. In case of problems related to the treatment, please immediately notify the staff or the chairman of the event.

– All participants have the right to be heard by the staff for suggestions, complaints, compliments or any matters they consider relevant to the event, at any time during the event and after it.



– All participants must respectfully treat other participants, the event staffs, hotel guests, employees of commercial establishments linked to the event and others who are at the event.

– All participants must always follow all the advices given by the event staff.

– All participants agree to follow the rules of this regulation and keep good manners according to the rules of common sense.



Any actions that may cause interference to the event will be punished with immediate expulsion of the participants involved and, in more serious cases, the police authority will be called to be made a report of the incident, in particular:

– Acts affecting the relationship between the participants and / or between participants and staff;

– Acts that cause discomfort or embarrassment to the participants and other persons present at the site;

– Acts that cause damage to the hotel and / or related parts of the event.

The staff of Brazil FurFest will not tolerate:

– Any forms of harassment (moral, physical, prejudice, intimidation, or not respecting other people’s space);

– Physical or verbal violence;

– Persecution of participants and / or staffs;

– Garments and costumes that show or simulate private parts;

– Damage to sites related to the event (convention center, hotel rooms, bus, beach restaurant, shops and public furniture in the way of fursuit parade);

In case of noncompliance with the above rules, all involved and / or guest rooms will be held accountable.



– Everyone should show the original ID card (or Passport) at the time of accreditation. Certified copies are not considered valid documents by Brazilian law;

– Will be considered greater age those who have completed 18 years of age on September 8, 2016;

– Will be considered minors who are under 18 years of age completed on September 9, 2016;

– Will be considered “minors accompanied by” those who are accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian and who have made application for both.

* Being accompanied by a parent, simply present the original identity documents of the minor and the parents at the time of accreditation on the day of the event.
* In case of be accompanied by a legal guardian, it’s required to show original identity documents of the minor and the guardian, and certified copy of legal document proving the custody of the minor, for accreditation on the day of the event.

– Will be considered “unaccompanied minors”, minors under 18 years old who are Brazilian.

They are required to show in the accreditation:

* Authorization from both parents or legal guardian completed properly, the models available below, signed with notarized signature (in duplicate) authorizing a person of age who are registered for the event and is not part of the organization of the event;
* Certified copies of parents’ documents (in duplicate). If legal guardian, certified copy of a document proving the child’s custody age (in duplicate).
* Original documents of identity of the minor, and the person responsible for the minor during the event, appointed by the parent or legal guardian.

– Minors who are not Brazilian, will be considered “foreign minors”, and may only attend the event in the presence of a parent and providing original identity documents.

– In case of non-compliance with the regulation committed by minors, legal guardians and parents will be held accountable and punished together with the minor, in accordance with this Regulation and / or the applicable law.

– Participants agree to use the badge for the duration of the convention.

– The badges will be required by the staffs in all activities of the Convention and to enter Convention Center at all times. It will be considered “no badge” the fact of not showing the badge when requested by staff.

– Hide the badge underneath clothing is not permitted and will be considered “no badge.”

The event staff reserves the right to deny entry to participants who do not meet the above rules.



– It is not allowed food and drink in public areas of the hotel (including the Convention Center), except bottled water.

– It is forbidden to litter, littering through the windows, leaving the room in a state of poor hygiene. Failure to comply with this rule will result in expulsion from the event.

– If damage is caused to the hotel, the participants involved will pay the damage. If the participants involved refuse to take the account, police authority will be called to the site.

– It is forbidden to put more people in the room than the capacity that the hotel provides. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to a permanent ban of all participants involved. According to Brazilian law, host more people than agreed in the contract is a serious offense and can lead to imprisonment.



– Only participants hosted and registered at the hotel can have access to the rooms. Participants who are not staying at the hotel need the front desk permission to go up to the rooms. It is the hotel’s discretion to authorize or not;

– Meeting in the hotel rooms can not generate excessive noise after 10pm;

– It is forbidden to organize parties or meetings in the corridors of the hotel;

– In case of excessive noise, it will be given only a warning by the event staff. The second notice will be made by the hotel staff accompanied by police authority;

– Guests must keep the hotel rooms cleaned after meetings.

In case of noncompliance with the above rules, the event staff reserves the right to give only one warning. If not enough, the event staff will notify the hotel staff to take the steps according to the current legislation and, if necessary, call the police authority.



– Participants can wear fursuits, kigurumis, zentais, costumes and cosplay at the convention center and in all areas of the hotel public access.

– It is mandatory to wear garments that cover the private parts, in all areas of public access, throughout the event, according to the law;

– It is forbidden to wear makeup, body painting without prior permission of the staff;

– It is forbidden to wear fetish costumes and / or make fetishes demonstrations during the event, even if only part of a costume or character;

– It is forbidden to wear costumes that mimic children and / or babies. It is forbidden to wear props such as diapers, pacifiers and / or demonstrations, simulations involving childish performance (babyfur);

– It is forbidden sexual behavior or behavior that exceeds the limits of public display of affection;

– It is prohibited to display photos or any graphic material with human or anthropomorphic pornography (yiff) in public places. For questions about the limits of this rule, ask a staff.

– If used as accessories to compose characters, the following items are permitted: leashes, collars, ropes and harnesses (can not be used to hurt another participant)

– It is strictly forbidden any kind of costume that suggests, show or simulate with drawings or embossed textures private parts (genitalia) and costumes related to sexual or BDSM role-plays.

– Physical contact between participants can only happen with the consent of both, otherwise it is compulsory to respect the space of others.

– It is forbidden physical contact between adults and minors that exceed the limit of a friendly and brotherly hug or greeting with kisses.

Participants who fail to comply with these rules will be expelled from the event and will subsequently be banned permanently from the event as staff of the trial. In more serious cases will be reported to police.



– Participants who exaggerate in alcohol dosage and are in disability status will be taken to their rooms and, in more serious cases, will be called an ambulance.

– Participants who are in possession of drugs or substances not permitted by law will be reported or taken to police authority.

– In acoordance with the laws of the State of São Paulo, smoking is prohibited in any enclosed environment, including the hotel room and balconies.

– The participant’s expected behavior is to drink socially. Participants who exaggerate will be held accountable for their actions, even drunk.

Participants who fail to comply with these rules will be expelled from the event and will subsequently be banned permanently from the event as staff of the trial. In more serious cases will be reported to police.



– Firearms, knives, brass knuckles or any utensil that infringes injury to others is strictly prohibited. Replica or toy guns that compose the costume of a character must be presented to staff at the time of accreditation for inspection.

– Replicas weapons or toys are not allowed in the conference rooms, corridors and hotel lobby and on the bus.

– Scissors, needles, nails and other sharp utensils are prohibited in the hall of the convention center and public areas of the hotel. Cutting and sharp tools are allowed only if it is saved with other materials for fursuit repairing, and can only be used solely for this purpose, within the fursuit lounge or inside hotel rooms.

– Games and activities involving simulated fights (including simulation fighting with fake swords and guns) are not allowed inside the hotel.



– Brasil FurFest reserves the right to co-authoring all the material produced during the event, except for material made in the rooms and on the street.

– Brasil FurFest authorize in advance the use of any material made by the participants during the event for private use and free dissemination for non-commercial purposes.

– Disclosure of Brasil FurFest material for commercial purposes should be done with prior permission of the event staff.

– The staff of Brasil FurFest will take photos and record videos during the event. Participants agree irrevocably with the use of images by Brasil FurFest for an indefinite period, unless expressed through application by the staff in accreditation or before the event.

– Recording and subsequent display of lectures and workshops must be authorized by the speakers before the beginning of the same.

– Other rules around photos and videos can be announced as the course of the event.


Events not covered by this regulation will be decided by the staff of the event and/or chairman of the event, following the law.
This Rules of Conduct could be amended to the date of the event, and participants must sign at the time of accreditation a term accepting it and committing to follow the rules stated herein.
In case of any doubts about this regulation, please immediately consult staff or the chairman of the event.

Have a good time! Enjoy the event! But remember to be courteous and kind to other participants.
We want Brasil FurFest be remembered forever as a magical event!