Guest of Honor – Brasil FurFest 2018

Crash Azarel

Crash Azarel is a very friendly gray wolf. Besides fursuiter, Crash is the owner of the largest Brazilian youtube channel with furry content and also one of the most well-known Brazilian furries abroad.
In his own words: “I like drawing, fursuiting and also commissioning drawings of my fursona, which makes it a bit difficult to determine if I’m a fursuiter, an artist or just a furry art lover”.

Fox Amoore

Fox Amoore is a true showman (or would it be showfurry?). His work as a professional composer and pianist is known worldwide. He has performed in several places, from Albert Hall to the Cavern Club in Liverpool; from Vancouver to Australia’s Gold Coast, as well as having recorded two albums on Abbey Road. He has built a global reputation with his inspirational works. Their CDs have become an addiction among furries in many countries.