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Guests of Honor Brasil FurFest 2019

Brasil FurFest is a unique opportunity for furries to get in touch with some of very talented furries.
During the convention there will be some activities with our Guests of Honor.
Plus you can interact with them during the event! You may talk, take pictures and get to know their work.
Our Guests of Honor are here to interact with all convention attendees.

Pepper Coyote

Pepper Coyote is an American musician, partner of BFF 2018 guest of honor, Fox Amoore, on the Foxes and Peppers duo. In addition, Pepper is the vocalist and guitarist of rock/folk band Look Left.
Among his works known within the furry fandom is “#Hashtag”, a rock/folk album created in collaboration with Fox Amoore. The collection brings together 14 tracks inspired by the experience of attending Anthrocon.

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Zeng Tiger

One of Brazil’s most well-known fursuit-makers abroad, Zeng Tiger has been working on creating fursuits since 2010. Among some of his creations for Furry Machine is the fursuit of BFF 2018 guest of honor, Crash Azarel.
His style and skills led Zeng Tiger to soar to the international stage and to be invited as guest of honor at Harbor City Fur Con in Australia.
Now it is the turn of Brasil FurFest to recognize this Brazilian furry talent.

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