Sheraton Santos Hotel has rooms for 2 and 3 people and is offering a 10% discount for BFF 2022 attendees.
If you want to stay at the hotel and use the code for a 10% discount, access the event page on the Sheraton website:
– Rate with breakfast, free cancellation up to 5 days before the event and payment at check-in.
– Valet parking fee per day charged separately: R$ 40.00

BFF is not responsible for the values displayed on the website, the discount code is a courtesy from the hotel.
It is not mandatory to stay at the Sheraton to attend the event.

Where to stay in Santos?

To help attendees on planning a trip to Santos, we created this little guide with information about booking rooms in the city, remembering that the accomodation is NOT included in the registration of the event and it is up to the attendees to scrupulously analyze the rates and conditions of hiring books in hotels or  other places.
We recommend to attendees to stay in groups so room rates can be split between them, thus helping everyone’s travel budget. If you have any questions, please contact the convention staff.
Staying at the convention hotel is not mandatory, but staying in the same location where the convention is taking place is always more interesting since you’ll live the atmosphere of the event all the time!
Reservations can be made via the hotel’s own website. We recommend that attendees first seek prices on the indicated sites.
Rates reported by phone are generally more expensive, because they usually are not promotional.
Although Brasil FurFest staff is always available to help ateendees choose and plan travel details, we remind you that we are not responsible for the accommodation whether at the convention hotel or anywhere else.

At Sheraton Santos Hotel, convention’s venue

Other options in Santos

  • In case you do not want to stay at the convention hotel and wish to look for more options, we leave here the link to one of the best known hotel search engines.
    Search for Santos, Brazil and the dates of the event.

Trivago Hotel search engine

  • Website with offers of sharing rooms at private apartments. Search for Santos, Brazil and the dates of event.

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